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Timed Intercourse For Conception

Timed Intercourse For Conception

Timed intercourse is a simple treatment to help couples pinpoint their most fertile window. It's a completely natural approach, and often the starting point of a couple's fertility journey. Your fertility specialist will usually do some blood tests, maybe a urine test, and an ultrasound to confirm when you're due to ovulate.

Timed Intercourse is the process of monitoring your ovarian cycle via ultrasound, and having sex around the time (2-3 days around a positive ovulation indication or at a basal body temperature (BBT) rise).

Timed Intercourse is best for treating unexplained infertility or ovulation disorders where the ovulation doesn't occur normally or regularly. Primarily patients who are recommended for this will have a normal semen analysis, with proper motility, count, and morphology. This would indicate that male factor infertility is not a consideration. Timed Intercourse with IUI may be recommended for fertility patients whose sperm has difficulty reaching the egg.

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